Theodore Von Karmen established the principles of flight and helped the aerospace industry develop in Southern California

Linus Pauling brought quantum mechanics to chemistry and started modern chemistry

John D. Roberts developed magnetic resonance spectroscopy

David Baltimore found that a cancer-causing protein has a new biochemical ability leading to Gleevec, the first effective therapeutic small molecule targeted to such a protein

Seymour Benzer found the first behavioral mutants and opened the field of behavioral genetics

Elliot Meyerowitz found development amutants in plants and opened the whole field of developmental plant genetics

Alex Varshavsky found a machinery for controlled protein degradation and paved the way for discovering this new mechanism of controlling cell life and behavior

Murray Gell-Mann, Richard Feynman found basic laws of physics

Charles F. Richter, et al. established the scale by which earthquake size is measured

Carver Mead, Lee Hood Made the first high density chips opening up new computing capabilities