Columbia University

fm radio [edwin armstrong, ee]radar

development of long distance telephony [michael pupin]

rapid x-ray photography [michael pupin, ee]
[others include elmer gaden’s [chem e] development of the field of bioengineering; ray mindlin’s [civ e] invention of the proximity fuse]

focus group, using polling and sampling to predict election results
polling and sampling in elections

arrow impossibility theorem, included in kenneth arrow’s columbia phd disertation

functionalist and behaviorist psychology of john dewey

[others include: lazarsfeld’s establishment of the model for social science research institutes with the bureau of applied social research; lazarsfeld’s work on the two-step flow of communication and the focus group; merton’s body of work; harrison white’s social network analysis]

laser [charles townes]

start of the manhattan project

discovery and measurement of the magnetic moment of the electron [polykarp kusch]

understanding the symmetries of subatomic particles [t.d. lee]

discovery of deuterium [harold urey]

shell structure of nucleii [maria geoppert mayer]

[others include: charles dawson’s isolation of the irritant in poison ivy]