Cornell University

Discovery of transposable elements (“jumping genes”), based on work begun at Cornell by Barbara McClintock (Nobel Prize 1983).

Invention of the DNA particle accelerator (“gene gun”) for transferring genetic material from one organism to another, by John Stanford, Edward Wolf, and Nelson Allen (1980s)

Discovery of the structure of RNA by Robert W. Holley (Nobel Prize 1968)

Development of the Heimlich maneuver, by Henry Heimlich (1960s)

First use of map-based cloning in plants, by Steven Tanksley (1990s)

First use of gene therapy in mammals, to correct blindness in dogs, by Gustavo Aguirre and Gregory Ackland (1990s)

Pap smear.

First combined canine vaccines against distemper, hepatitis, and leptospirosis, by James Gillespie (1960s)

Isolation of canine parvovirus, by Leland Carmichael and Max Appel (1980s)

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