University of Chicago

Top University of Chicago Discoveries:

Concept of Human Capital Theodore Schultz and Gary Becker
Law and Economics: Formulated the fundamental theorem about transactions costs and property rights Ronald Coase
Work on monetary theory (Milton Friedman) and on rational expectations (Robert Lucas) propelled the decline of Keynesian economics. Milton Friedman “reshaped modern economics” Milton Friedman, Robert Lucas
Carbon-14 dating, tool for understanding distant past Willard Libby
Oriental Institute Massive Assyrian Dictionary collection (another tool to fathom the beginnings o human history)
Hormonal treatment for prostate cancer Huggins
Developed techniques for heart (Carrel) and bone-marrow transplantation (Jacobson) Alexis Carrel and Leon Jacobson
Established the first school of social work Graham Taylor
Pioneered the study of the jet stream Carl-Gustaf Rossby
Revolutionized the study of sociology with direct observation Robert Park and Ernest Burgess
Achieved the first controlled, self sustaining nuclear chain reaction Enrico Fermi
Developed the study of religions as an academic field Mircea Eliada
Pioneered scientific archaeology in the ancient Near East Robert Braidwood
Performed the nation’s first living-donor liver transplant Christoph Broelsch
Pioneered analysis of legal issues from an economic point of view Henry Simon, Aaron Director, Ronald Coast and William Landes
Established the first blood bank Oswald Robertson
Identified REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep and its association with dreaming Nathaniel Kleitman and Eugene Aserinsky
Originated hormonal treatment of cancer Charles Huggins
Conceived the study of black holes Subramanyan Chandrasekhar
Established the first program of international relations in the nation Hans Morgenthau
Introduced the concept of ecological succession Henry Chandler Cowles
First measured blood glucose levels Franklin McLean
Laid the mathematical foundations of genetic evolution Brian Charlesworth